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You’re right, both individuals & the world are important to me. I don’t think anyone should be another person’s world. I’ve tried that before and I don’t think it’s healthy. There has to be a balance. It’s like taking a really good picture. The subject becomes so much more beautiful when the background is. Too much focus on one or the other and you lose sight of what’s important.

Glacial water runs through your veins as you realize that you’ve done exactly what you swore you’d never

You’ve stepped onto thin ice, watching  in horror as the rift opens and draws the abyss nearer to your unstable feet

A distant church bell rings and takes you far away from the chasm.

Still you know very well that it will always be there

And one day you will slip

“Dark and Light”

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Within this mind,
lies the potential to be kind;
Therein contained, also cruelty

Bouts of empathy-
deep compassion within,
mixed with rage, when wore thin

Vulnerable to the horrors of society,
when what lurks,
is perceived as evil authority

In this shell holds,
moments of light and dark;
Of pure delight and those that are stark

Driven to the apex of love and joy,
only to be brought low; Like Tolstoy,
loathing the toils wrought upon me-

My mind needs, No CRAVES, to be free!
So, light and dark rage within,
this mind so strong, so frail and thin

Which way will the pendulum swing?
Both are justified, to this simple,
yet complex human being;

For one never knows,
what from this life will spring-
Dark and Light

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Affection For Imperfections

We forget that beauty marks are moles & that our relationships are often only first drafts.

She was the feeling of working all night on a document and forgetting to save.

He was the feeling of studying till daybreak for the test, only to realize that it was the wrong chapter.

She was the shock of waking up from a happy dream and realizing you’re late for work.

And he was the feeling of running into someone whose name you’ve forgotten.

For better or for worse, temporary moments have the potential to become eternal.