My style

My poetic style is swift, suave, silly, and oftentimes self-reflective. I capture tiny moments in a jar to share with you in hopes that you can find a part of yourself in my poetry. I offer you doodles, dreams of shared imagination, and the bizarre sensation of déjà vu. The blog title, unrequited postage is appropriate. It is unrequited love that I’m sending to you that needs no return address. If you are suffering or looking for a quick breather in an otherwise chaotic universe this is the place to be. I am here for you.

Most of my work is centered on specific relationships; however, this does not mean that they are exclusively about love. I often work with topics that my mind deals with on a daily basis. I write for my brother, who has had suffered from psychosis (loss of reality), using these words as group therapy for the two of us. Mixing things up I also write about social issues such as gay marriage rights & Hawaiian sovereignty rights. Another topic that I tend to write on are my experiences on the road. Whether it be climbing down Mt. Haleakala on Maui or trying to catch my breath on the Great Wall, I will take you with me on these shared adventures.

♪ Music (Shared & Personal) ♪

This work, I should mention, will not only include poems but also that of my music. Some current music is up on my soundcloud, and the site will be updated regularly. I will also be sharing with you art that I have fallen in love with & that could become your future favorites so feel free to hop on the RSS subscription for regular updates of music, photography, and events.

Welcome to my headquarters

This blog will be my home on the internet for broadcasting my work. In such a vast blogosphere I appreciate you taking the time to stop by to check out what I’m up to.

By being a part of my life you become a part of my poetry.


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