Chapbook (Coming Soon)

What is a chapbook and why should I be interested?
I am currently working on my first chapbook (collection of poems and songs) to be released in a few months from now. It will be an assembly of poems from the past, present, and future. The collection will also include hand drawn pictures, which will come directly from my hands to yours.
The poetry within should help you connect with your inner grandparent. While the tea is not included it is highly encouraged that you should drink some while reading to calm yourself in case you experience feelings of nostalgia, rage, desolation, inner peace, or gas.
Labor of Love
My purpose of creating this book is to make your day not just happier, but also more fulfilling. Life can sometimes feel like it is raining cinder blocks so my hope is that this book will be a resource that you can go to, if even momentarily, to release some of that negativity and existential pain. This is not to say that every poem included will be happy go lucky sunshine message, no, fuck that. This is a broadcast of honesty. This is for you.
This forthcoming book will be available for purchase in a few months (stay tuned for more).
Until next time, take care of each other,
❤ Dustin Tanabe

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