Things that spin my head right round right round

Death makes my mind spin. There’s no escape from it and yet it is the only escape from life.

Preparation for death makes my mind twirl. Like the Pharaohs of Egypt who want to take their material possessions to the other side, or the Christians who scrape their knees praying that their good acts of charity will let them into the gleaming gates most high.

People that eat drywall or hoard cats boggles my mind. The people that watch shows about such obsessions makes my mind do backflips.

Loans make my mind do somersaults and the thought of spending the rest of my life to pay of these loans makes my mind hurl.

Love requited, and love unrequited makes my mind dizzy and drunk. Seeing people that get married and have children at 20 have the same effect. How? Why? Okay? But you know what, I sincerely respect you, and goodluck.

Existence itself makes my mind spin.

The way that dogs greet you at the door with more happiness than most humans have in their entire lives makes my mind spin.

The last thing that makes my mind spin is procrastination. Instead of doing a midterm I’m here rambling. How have I made it this far?


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