First Aid Kit for Anxiety

Never feel guilty for feeling bad over something that someone else would deem inconsequential.

If something is making you feel anxious then it is legitimate enough.

You are important. You are worth more than your bank account and the values that others place upon you. You especially worth more than your gpa.

Remember that company is not only limited to your relationships, but also that books and films are friends.

Sometimes, when everyone in your house is asleep and you’re chest is heavy and full of bricks, you’ll feel like you’re choking on air, and the more you ask for sleep, the longer it will take.

When this happens, muster the energy to breathe poetry. Draw if you’d like. Just create something. This is therapy, this is release.

Then, when you’re ready and you start to feel the anxiety slowly leaving through your pores, be still. Remember all those who love you, past and present. Realize that in the future you will also be loved by someone and that a part of the mystery of living is discovering who that someone will be.

Return to the present. This is your present. A surprise present that you were given at your birth.

I hope you find peace here


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