Anjunabeats Volume 11 Review

For both lovers of deep house and main stage electronic music, this compilation showcases top notch tracks.

The first day that it came out, Anjunabeats Volume 11 shot up to #1 on the dance music charts on iTunes.

The compilation is made up of two discs. Disc 1 begins with deep, groovy house music with lush melodies that you’d come to expect from the Anjunadeep label. The opening track “You Would” by Thomas Schwartz and Fausto Fanizza sets the mood, slowly building to the kick drum with a pretty piano and swirling atmospheric pad sounds in the background. Also notably there is a remix of Above & Beyond’s classic, “Good For Me,” by Matt Lange. My personal favorite on this disc has to be Parker & Hanson’s “Gravity.” The piano is absolutely gorgeous and the progression of the percussive elements gives the tune a satisfying element. Another standout tune on Disc 1 is Boom Jinx and Meredith Call’s “The Dark” which quickens the pace with haunting vocals.

Disc 2 delivers the goods, so to speak, when it comes to Anjunabeat’s main stage acts. Many of the tracks on this end of the mix have hit the top of the Beatport chart’s as singles. The disc opens with Ilan Bluestone and Jerome Isma-Ae’s “Tension” which lives up to it’s name, building up a fair amount of tension and leading into an explosion of sound that Bluestone is becoming well known for. Following this, there is a remix of the classic “Anjunabeach” by Above & Beyond done by Genix and Las Salinas. This is a well paced track that feels uplifting and heavenly. The mix then hits two vocal tracks “Hey Now” remixed by Arty, and “Sticky Fingers” by Above & Beyond which are both quite tasty. The Beatport hits then takeover the disc (Code Red, Karma, and Hindsight). Personally my ears always perk up when I hear hindsight because I’ve fallen in love with the synth and timing that Audien has developed the track with. There are some mash ups that are just okay, such as “I’m On My Way To Mariana Heaven” and “Far From Needing Your Love.” Although they are interesting blends they don’t have the withstanding force behind them to keep them afloat. Oliver Smith’s “Evermore” was a beautiful surprise near the end of this disc. The arpeggios are so satisfying . Ilan Bluestone never disappoints, making a final appearance on the remix of the beloved OceanLab track “Satellite.” The result is mesmerizing and beautiful. The final track on this CD that I can’t help but mention is Andrew Bayer’s “The District.” The way that Bayer layers his mixes are magical, utilizing heavy drums, stunning pads, and beautiful toy box/ chime sounds.

Although I have spent most of this review raving about this volume, it is not without it’s faults. As I previously mentioned the mashups on disc 2 are mediocre. Another issue that I’ve encountered after listening to this mix about twenty times is getting bored with both tracks 8 and 9 on disc 1. Also, after “The District” there is a brief break before two more Above & Beyond remixes that feel somewhat unnecessary oddly enough.

Despite these drawbacks, this compilation does an excellent job at showcasing the Anjunadeep and Anjunabeats artists


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