Friday Nights – 4th grade

It’s finally Friday! Quick, go call your mom and ask if I can sleepover! Man, the office is chilly in here. Oh, what’d she say? What?? Aw… That’s too bad I was really hoping I could-….Wait, why are you giving me that stupid smile? She said yes?? YES! Let’s go, let’s go!

You know a shortcut? Okay let’s take it. Are you sure we can get there over this mountain? Oh, I see the fence now. Are you sure we can fit through there?

Yes!! Finally home time to play some pokemon and… What’d you mean we have to do homework first? But she assigned us SO much to do. Okay, fine.

My hand is in so much pain from these exercises. Yeah I finished that one, what number are you on? Dang! How’d you finish so fast?? Uhh okay I’ll help you with dishes once we’re done.

Okay so first we play pokemon, then yugioh, and after that we’ll just make up a game. Alright I’ll draw the map and my character while you draw your guy. Now let’s write a story.

I love sleeping over. Your house is so much bigger than mine. I don’t know why you think your sister is so annoying..she’s actually kinda fun. And your mom’s food is so delicious.

I’m getting sleepy. Chris, you still up? Chris?……. Chris?……. chris???

What is this show? Breakfast smells so good. Sure, thanks. Do you wanna duel after we finish our food? Oooh Digimon is on!!!

Hi mom! Yeah, last night was good. I wish I could stay longer. This is my second home.



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